Superjumping Seraph!?

Stupid PanO

It’s been a long wait.  We heard the groaning.  Now we’ve seen the Seraph’s model.  And we heard the incredulous queries about its giant wings.  And now the profile is released.  And the Seraph can Super-Jump.


Bravo, Corvus Belli.

I’ve remarked before that I think PanOceania has lost their “high tech” label in the face of Nomads and ALEPH.  Other factions were getting flushed with more TO Camo and ODD and MULTI weaponry, while PanO players have been waiting for smoke grenades and missing sculpts. But PanO is finally getting their TAG models―and this TAG got the best overhaul it could.


The Seraph suffered an enlarged size, but stayed in the same price point.  (I think it even went down a point?)  That’s a fine wash indeed.  A slight bump to its Close Combat abilites, with CC20 and Kinematika and a Nanopulser, cements this as a knightly Close Combat TAG.

I’m still strongly concerned about power creep as an issue in Infinity, and yet, having high distinction in high-price units is very good.  Granting Super Jump to a TAG was a brave move, and then to give it to PanO is laudable.

The Archangel TAG indeed.  This was a great decision, Corvus Belli.



One thought on “Superjumping Seraph!?

  1. Agreed. I think Superjump works as a useful option in their array of TAGs but nothing that’ll be overwhelming. It’s one of those skills that’s a great concept, but always situational based on what type of table you end up on. Not too many reasons for a TAG to jump around instead of capitalizing on cover unless peeking over a parapet to hunt down a prone trooper on a roof, which is great when it does come up.


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