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I’ve made quite a few purchases for tokens, templates, silhouettes and scenery at Warsenal.  I haven’t been wooed to buy their big structures designed for Infinity, but I’ve loved the products I have purchased throughout the year.  Having shared my ratings on their website, and to kick off this new series of reviews, I’d like share with you my thoughts on their various products.


(Shhh, Rasails can push buttons, too.)  I have a few of Warsenal’s consoles and objectives markers, and I use them regularly in games with friends and at Mox.  Immersion is a big plus in this game, and painted scenery, even small amounts, add to the experience in the same way that painted miniatures do.

The one you see above is their “Access Terminal“.  They work well as scatter, when they’re not being ITS buttons.  The “Communication Arrays” are also nice, if a bit fragile.


They have a big ol’ range of Camo Markers, and I use these guys every single game.  In fact, before the standardized ones came out, I even occasionally used these as silhouettes.  Warsenal’s newer camo markers are fir for larger models and actually have the real silhouette of various troops, but I like these carte blanche ones more, and I never field invisobaddies bigger than S2.

These camo markers have numbers engraved onto them, so if you are playing a fat camo shell game, it’s much easier to keep track of who’s who and in which combat group.

It may be a bit metagamey, but since Mines are S2 when you deploy them, these camo markers work well as they suggest soldiers, not bombs.  For some reason, a flat camo marker, placed the same way as a 3D camo marker, is far more obvious as a mine.


They have a colorful range of silhouettes, which, if I were to buy again, I would probably get in artichoke orange, and would make sure to use a glue that doesn’t frost.  But as much as I don’t like how oversized Infinity’s standardized silhouettes are, I love these ones, and use them pretty much every game.  Spend a few bucks if you’re still using crinkly paper printouts.


4 handy ladders for 3 puny dollars.  They were a no-brainer to assemble, and get use all the time when we are building boards and want to add new exterior vertical paths to buildings.


You can get a fistfull of delicious order tokens, for just the change in your sofa.  Any-color normal ones are a quarter apiece, and factional order tokens are 50¢ per.


The hollow teardrop templates from Warsenal break easily, I must warn.  Otherwise high-quality, the large hollowed template doubles as a small teardrop, which is useful if you’re game bag is a mess.

Of course, you already own templates, but—what?  You don’t own templates?  How do you not own N3 templates!?

How indeed.


Warsenal is using the same high-quality MDF and acrylics that many other companies are.  No cut corners here.  I have had a couple problems with thin bits breaking, but that was due more (I think) to my handling than to shitty materials or poor design on Warsenal’s part.



I’d rate Warsenal in the upper tier of attractive pieces.  That’s mainly why I’ve been buying Warsenal accouterments throughout the year, and not so much those of other companies.  This is a subjective note, of course; but on my subjective note, I quite like their retro-future-spartan approach.



As most MDF pieces, you will need to have a good cutting knife, sandpaper, adhesive, and a pair of hobby pliers and clamps to build your pieces.  Everything fits fine, and there’s nothing particularly difficult about assembling their items, but it’s no quick task.  Warsenal kindly posts assembly instruction videos here.



Warsenal prices their items competitively.  Terrain for wargaming is becoming a real cottage industry, with some really good, really bad, really cheap, and really expensive options.  And Warsenal is doing good business, quite good products at great prices.



This, in my experience, is what Warsenal is doing best.  The first order I had, they shipped a broken Large Template.  I took a picture, emailed them, and offered to pay the USPS rate to ship a new one—I just wanted a functional template.  They got back to me within the hour, and shipped me a whole new set without charge.  Warsenal also was the only Infinity partner who spotted the community with gift cards for painting raffles I used to host on the official forum.  Some other Infinity partners wouldn’t even allow an option for me to buy a coupon out-of-pocket for our winners, so―Warsenal gets an A+ in my book.  Thanks, guys!



One thought on “Scenery Review: Supplementals by Warsenal

  1. In regards to price, I’ve always had the mixed impression that their terrain was great in appearance and kinda bad for gameplay. I think their most functional Infinity terrain is ironically their Designed for Thon buildings, which I’d likely have to pick up at least a few of if I were ever to get their Commanche sets.
    Fortunately, that ended up being part of the case with the table unexpectedly brought by the younger Warsenal staff who attended NOVA last year. Unfortunately, it ended up still reinforcing that initial impression by scoring really well in appearance for the terrain contest but probably received more verbal complaints during the tournaments by many of the people who played on it than all the cheap NOVA terrain tables combined.
    Still, it looked so good that I had entertained the idea of buying it so that I could “fix” it to work. Lost me once my shopping cart worked out to about 700usd.


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