New Review Series: Scenery and Supplementals


As I play Infinity in various areas, I’ve had broad exposure to a lot of scenery, from handsome handmade stuff to shoddy imports, and the like inverse.  I’d like to share honest thoughts on Infinity partner stuff I have built, bought, or otherwise had hands-on experience with.  I’d also like to spotlight terrain from hard-working 3rd-party companies who are doing cool stuff, or to provide buyer-bewares for companies who are dodgy.

Some ground rules, so you know where this is coming from:

  1.  I don’t beg for freebies.  Anything I’m reviewing, I’m reviewing of my own accord and without extortion.
  2. I won’t lie.  When I review a product really high, I think it’s really remarkable.
  3. I’ll stay concise.  I’ve never cared much for unboxing videos and such, and I’m not a remarkable painter, so I won’t be filling these with tutorials, and so I’ll do my best to give you straightforward reviews.
  4. I’ll take pictures.  Because pictures are fun to look at.

At the top of each review, I’ll put a checklist that looks like this…


…to let you know the points I’m considering.  Some reviews will be on products that I myself have not purchased, where others might be ones I have purchased secondhand but not personally assembled.  Where I don’t have experience, I won’t form an opinion.

Hope you find these reviews informative, and let me know if there’s anything the Lonely Artichoke can do for you.



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