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I see that the Gorgos comes up a lot on searches, so I dug up some of my thoughts to share with potential buyers.  If you like my product reviews and are thinking about buying a Gorgos, please read this first.

04/01/16 UPDATE
Gorgos has changed significantly in light the new Human Sphere content.  I haven’t yet played the big boy in his new form, so:  if you’re the kind of sadist who loves angry tirades, enjoy my old roast of the Gorgos’ terrible terribleness below.  Happy wargaming

02/22/17 UPDATE
Not even 1 year later, here are my updated thoughts on the Gorgos Squad.

They will.  But it must be pointed out that you must spend at least 102 points―not including all the other things you bring to keep the Gorgos alive―to get that fire-immune Gorgos.  And what you get for those points is so puny it led the official forum to seriously debate the feasibility of making the Gorgos’s Spitfire a Viral weapon, just to find a reason to bring it.

Let’s even waive the cost of the Kaeltar, presume it’s included, and go through the Gorgos―why do you want to take him?

I want high accuracy.

A big part of Infinity is learning how to make accuracy happen for you on the battlefield, not simply to hunt for a high BS model. If high BS scores secured firefights, PanO would be pretty unbeatable. Over the course of the game, 1 or 2 points of BS have a noticeable effect―but much more noticeable are the bad results a new player will suffer from using a Combi Rifle beyond 16 inches, an HMG at point-blank range, rifles instead of templates when facing TO and ODD, or any avoidable trade where the active player is taking a -3 to his attack rolls while the opponent’s soaking in a +3 to theirs. BS12, the mainstay of Tohaa forces, is highly serviceable especially given our almost baked-in +1 burst.  Neema and the Ectros enjoy BS13, at less than 50 points.  Paying 80+ points just for BS14 is a diminishing return.

I want powerful weapons.

A Gorgos’s weapons may look powerful, but they’re literally no more powerful than the Spitfires plentifully available across Tohaa. A little Kamael’s Spitifre has precisely the same stopping power of the behemoth Gorgos’ Spitifre.  Flammenspeers are parallel to Chaksa rockets.  Even our Diplomatic Delegate gets a Nanopulser.  The only weapon the Gorgos has that is actually more powerful than our other troops’ is its Viral CCW in TAG form―but you’re not bringing a Gorgos for melee combat, are you?

I want a variety of good weapons on a single platform.

Sakiels, Neema Saatar, Rasails, Kosuils, and vanilla Ectros provide a cocktail of weapons, and even in those examples you can find higher damage potential than what the Gorgos’s weapons do. And arguably fireteams―which function as an inseparable “unit”―should inherently provide a variety of weapons. Anyway, all weapons are good, except perhaps for an AP CCW. 😉

I want a TAG.

You’re really not getting a TAG in the Gorgos. The Gorgos has every disadvantage (large silhouette, hackability, PH-6 penalty to dodge) that a TAG receives, while it receives no advantage (made of STR, can be repaired, powerfully unique weapons) from its TAG status and the glaring symbiont vulnerability.  A Symbiomate does not delete every flamethrower on the battlefield when consumed, after all. Unless you consider a bigger silhouette to be a generally good thing, there are no benefits this model receives from TAGhood.

I want a fast, mobile Spitfire.

See the Rasails or Kotails with Spitfire.

I want concentrated high-burst firepower.

See any linkable Tohaa model, or the Rasail with Spitfire. (Don’t forget the Rasail’s Peripheral has a Burst 2 Pistol!)

I want synchronized firepower.

*Sigh* See Rasails.

I want long-range deliverable templates.

See Chaksa Auxiliars with Smart Heavy Rocket Launcher.  Unlike Flammenspeers, Chaksa rockets have unlimited ammo, and can even fire in guided mode. Given the Light Rocket Launcher’s new +3/24″ range, which may be found on Sakiels and Neema Saatar, the long-range nature of Flammenspeers may be moot.

I want to make good use of Kaeltar specialists.

Kaeltars can make a bad model good, or a good model better.  There are better reasons to take a Kaeltar.

I want model with a very high Wound attribute.

Well, welcome to Tohaa!  Ectros and Neema have excellent Wound attributes.  The only other effective 3-Wound infantry out there whom I’m aware of are the Charontid, Jeanne d’Arc, Achilles and Ajax. Rasails have an obscene Wound attribute for their price, representing 4 total with their Peripheral at 36 points minimum to the Gorgos’ 5 total at 81 points minimum. Given that in every faction in Infinity, 1 wound is the norm, anything that doesn’t cost more than 40 points and is gets multiple wounds is a pretty bargain in Infinity.

I want high BTS.

See Neema Saatar.

I want high armor.

You’re not really getting that with the Gorgos. Unless you consider the Gecko to be the standard TAG, the Gorgos has light armor. Considering the Gorgos’ other vulnerabilities and the N3 prevalence of Armor-Piercing ammo, an ARM6 rating is really unremarkable―it actually errs on the pathetic. Now, if you mean “I want high armor for Tohaa,” that is not really a strategy and is (in my opinion) a poor reason to spend 27% of your army points.

The reason I gave the Gorgos 2 stars instead of 1 on Miniature Market is to the credit of Infinity’s rules, and that fact that, yes, with dexterity, the Gorgos can be used well.  And perhaps as a bit of sympathy to the poor thing.  A later commenter gave it only 1 star, and honestly, that’s right rating.

I’ll concede this:  the Gorgos looks great.  The color scheme, imposing height, cocked head, swaggy posture, and gangsta grip give it more personality than most TAGs in Infinity.  But make no mistake, this is not TAG, not in any favorable sense.


The Gorgos is large, so it’s easier to work on than most 28mm miniatures.  However, even with a very good glue, my Gorgos’s arms still pop off occasionally, so if you were as masochistic as me to go and buy yourself a Gorgos, I recommend pinning the arms and faulds.

The head might look fragile, but it’s never caused problems for me.  The Chaksa Peripheral is a delight of a model; the first Shotgun we had modelled, and he makes a great Rasail peripheral if you’re proxying extra Rasails.

I rate the Gorgos 1 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  Buyer beware.  This is commonly and justly regarded as the worst unit in Infinity.  The best reasons I have ever found for using a Gorgos are:

I want to dick wave my Infinity skills.


I want my opponent to have a good time.


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