Kosuil Assault Pioneers

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…are upon us.  Still no definite word on their abilities, but You’ve probably seen the stats now if you’re following Infinity on Facebook—here are the studio shots of our new releases:


Nice to see some damsel Mobile Brigadas. The Hunzakut strikes me as a throwback to ‘old-school’ Infinity sculpts, I quite like it. I do not play Combined Army, but I actually loved the old ‘jellyfish’ sculpts, so it’s a bit of a bummer to see pulp sci-fi quadrupeds. The community seems to like them, though―so enjoy, you badguy alien players. I trust they’ll be easier to assemble!


It may have been postprocessing, but you can really see the contrast turned up here. Many players love deviant neon schemes for Tohaa, but I have always loved the studio blue/black/orange/white colors of Tohaa.


The powerfist. Please be actually powerful, darling.


One of the reasons I have halted development of the fanfic Tohaa language is stuff like this―the runes in the background. I imagine that Corvus Belli has at least in part some Tohaa vocabulary and script aside from the numerology, and I’d like to see that in their new book.


I am such a fucking neckbeard about this game, I actually had a dream about playing with the Kosuil this morning. In the dream, he was an ARM0 BTS9 trooper with 6-2 movement. While I trust that’s actually not the case, Tohaa does have above-average BTS, featured on almost all our infantry, and so I expect something in the neighborhood of ARM2, BTS6.  Cloaks usually mean camouflage in Infinity, but Kaeltars and Rasails have nonfunctional cloaks, so I suspect the Kosuil’s petticoat is just an aesthetic choice.

More reviews & Triad & True to post this week.  Have a happy Thursday!

EDIT 9/27—Facebook friend tipped me off to this post from the Wargamer’s Consortium on Facebook.  Here’s the shot of the (Spanish) numbers on the Kosuil:

Kosuil Stats • Spanish Preview

The OP said that he’s an Engineer, denoted off-screen. Really nice to see another WIP14 Tohaa specialist.  It looks like the Nimbus Grenades went away?  I hope there’s no typo, I wouldn’t miss Nimbus.

That’s a pretty great unit for us.  Definitely fast for a Medium Infantry—and I can see what Corvus Belli meant by calling the Kosuil a “heavy hitter”.  He has no spectacular ballistic skills, but if these really are the goodies, the Kosuil will be a great anti-TAG and anti-HI device, a role sorely needed filling in the Tohaa arsenal.

Move over, Aelis.  And I’m really glad to see a dedicated engineer.  One of my favorite Hatail builds looked like this:


Glue gun + D-Charges for 12 points.  Wonderful for killing TAGs.  We don’t have any robots, of course, but engineers are great for destroying structures, securing objectives, and restoring Isolated units, which is a big problem in my meta.

Now, the Kosuil buddied with a Gao-Rael might replace that Hatail build.  And a K1 on a less-than-30pts and less-than-1SWC platform, who is also a WIP14 specialist, who also has Nullifiers, is a big “fuck you” to TAGs and Hackers.  I love it!

The only triad-able Symbiont specialist we’ve had is the Sakiel paramedic, who I use occasionally, but tend to avoid due to his relatively meager weapons.  I never expected to see a Panzerfaust in Tohaa, let alone a Panzerfaust Specialist.  I’m curious to see what the other profiles look like, but so far, this fast, smart, unimpetuous armor-killer looks absolutely great.

EDIT 11/24
I’m bringing one pretty much every list.  A cheap WIP14 Specialist with anti-TAG weapons is just too good a Tohaa hole to leave unplugged.


3 thoughts on “Kosuil Assault Pioneers

    1. Ooh. Do you have a link for it? The beefier Tohaa troopers (Gorgos, Ectros, and Gaos) become “LI” when their Symbiont drops, so it might just be following that standard. If the Kosuil is a straight LI, that’s totally fine by me; being a Medium Infantry doesn’t provide you with anything but ¾ speed, traditionally.


    2. Nvm—found it on the official forum thread. But it doesn’t give the the LI question an answer! XD Glad to see some other people are pleased about having an engineer. I do confess it’s a bit weird having one without any machines for it to, but I’ve found them extremely useful for ITS, so I’m glad to welcome the Kosuil.


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