Aren’t “Medium Infantry” Simply Slow “Light Infantry”?

Game Theory

A few players have noticed nowadays that Medium Infantry aren’t too special.  Heavy Infantry are badass and fast, Light Infantry are decent and fast, and Medium Infantry are decent…and slow.

They used to have the honor of being the “kitted out” infantry type―if you wanted cool tools and higher stats, Medium Infantry were your guys―just penalized with being slower due to all of their equipment.  But now Kotails, Kaplans, Loup-Garous, Govads, and a whole host of other very good Light Infantry make moot the “kitted out” label.

It’s pretty clear that Medium Infantry’s only specialty is having ¾ the speed of their kin.  Unless it’s a Raktorak, but they are unloved for different reasons.  As it stands, it does seem to me that most Medium Infantry should be a point or two cheaper due to their slowness.

Just shooting shit here, but these are a couple ideas I have had for a baked-in feature that’s native to Medium Infantry, besides being slow:

―REACTIVE ARMOR  A layer of reactive explosive plates mitigate the impact of incoming fire.  The first order or reactive order in which a Medium Infantry receives an ARM+3 bonus to the first hit in that order.  After the ARM roll is made, the Reactive Armor equipment has no further effect.

Reactive Armor has no effect versus BTS weapons and effects.


―SPECIALIST INFANTRY  Rigorous and superior training leads medium infantry to be more skilled at technical field operations.  Medium Infantry receive a WIP+3 bonus on ITS objective-based rolls.


Something else of merit.  “Reactive Armor” could be easily denoted by a token if a PanOceania or Nomads player needed them, and would offer a nice bump in sustainability for medium infantry, a toeing the line between Light Infantry’s lightness and Heavy Infantry’s dual wounds.

“Specialist Infantry”, heavens, I would love.  Repeatedly failing ITS objective rolls is painful, so I would love a swath of Infinity Infantry handed the first button-pushing baton.  And I think that’d do best on Medium Infantry, where the increased odds are inherently harder to abuse on slow platforms.

With the second edition of second edition’s first book of ALEPH which reintroduces ALEPH and Tohaa for third edition—it’s a bit of a mess—Medium Infantry, while not a mess, could use a lick of love.


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