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Hello fellow artichokes,

It’s been a minute!  Or month.

To prevaricate, July was a horrible mess of a month for me, with my best friend’s wedding taking about every turn to chaos―from bachelor party to ceremony―that it could.

But on the whole I think I’ve been a bit bummed with my Infinity experience, so I’d like to share my thoughts on the future of this blog, and of the coolest damn faction in Infinity.
I’ve definitely appreciated my time on the official forum.  I met wonderfully helpful people like Toadchild and IJW Wartrader, heartbreakingly impressive artists like Mothman and Yashia, brilliant debaters like Leper, hip nefilibata like TheMatsjo… But, I’ve also had my share enjoining one after another poisonous argument on the forum―and this after having solemnly sworn to never again so argue about this hobby―I think my time on the forum is done.  Like super done.

I don’t need this hobby to consume any more livelihood than it already does.  Infinity was fun before I got into angry debates with strangers about toys, and it may get funner now.

I’m certainly not done here.  I love this awesome game and these silly satires.  And rather amazing to me that such a casual website has helped to get other people into Infinity and its Tohaa!

Thus, as I write this (well, not literally as I write this―if only to be Vishnu) I’m working on an issue.  I can’t believe I’ve let July slip by without so much as a blurb.  And I definitely understand the mass move to digital drawing and painting―penciling, inking, and touching up is a cathartic experience, but can be time-consuming.

And speaking of future time consumption:


That’s right, someone is finally getting his Tohaa Antipodes.  But with guns.  And probably Corahtar.

Eat your heart out, Liger Zero.

If you look at our Mutan Symbiobugbeast up above, he has a cap over his face, and what look like little leering orange eyeballs all over the place.  I smell 360° Visor with Total Reaction.


Surda here might be a new Baggage option for us, but I’d certainly love if she’s a mean gazelle-hunting lioness to boot.

Both Symbiobugcat images have what looks like could be a saddle.  I know quite a few Haqqislam players were sad when the “Bracers” rule disappeared from Infinity’s current edition, but maybe we’ll see the return of the ability for big boys to carry other troopers around.

10/30 UPDATE
Apparently, Corvus Belli’s intention for Symbiobeasts is to function Antipodes with a Kerail Preceptor (called it!) or as G: Syncables, to be assigned some other way (such as Corahtar L2).

The word is no, they do not have saddles.  I still hope they do.  Sakiel + Surda = FTW.

Kosuil Assault Pioneers

This Kosuil guy looks pretty adjective, but I can’t pretend to be excited about the weapon loadout.  Combis, shotguns, spitfires, mines, are a real tired Tohaa loadout.  But oh wait what, that’s a K1!  K1, everybody!

I’m guessing Sixth Sense of some level, or a 360° Visor, or something interesting given his opaque Force-training mask there.  There’s an athletic vibe, too.  I’d gamble for Meta-Agility, if the Igao wasn’t such a colossally misleading dud.

Coats in Infinity usually mean Camo.  A nice Mimetism or Optical Disruptor Device on mister Predator here would be well-loved.

It’s cute that Corvus Belli still thinks anyone wants nimbus grenades…

Kerail Preceptors

This Kerail Preceptor I’m imagining will get the Symbiobomb handler treatment, with a semi-bloated kit and a skill allowing for Symbiobugbeast deployment.  Still, he may be his own trooper with a neatly defined role.

Maybe he’ll set the stage as a new line trooper for a Tohaa sectorial?

Shrugging Guy

We don’t know any details yet, but the pictures are cool.  Or, is that “kool”?  The letter “k” is to Tohaa what “e” is to English…

I must admit, the Kaeltars, a bit, and Igao especially, were moderately-to-severely underwhelming, and I am afraid that Corvus Belli is playing it safe with our releases, given vehement cries of overpoweredness by other players.  But I’ll cross my fingers.

There’s exemplary Gencon coverage over on Beasts of War.  If you’re into RPGs, also give Infinity’s RPG a look-see.  I suppose if Corvus Belli’s blitzkrieging Warhammer, they can steamroll Pathfinder, while they’re at it.

Barbarian • Pathfinder


And hopefully everything’s as cool as when Tohaa kicked off.  Except for that embarrassing Gorgos, perhaps.  But I suppose someone’s gotta have a short straw…

Until then, I’ll keep posting thorough reviews of each Tohaa release, and Triad & True issues, as often as I can.  And some new projects TBA.


7 thoughts on “Future of the Blog, Future of Tohaa

  1. I’m all over those Mutans!

    What’s a pulzar though? The gun that the Preceptor has? I’m imagining that with a name like that, he’ll be our “hacker”.

    Overall I’m pretty excited for the new Tohaa stuff! They are really my favorite model line in pretty much any gaming system.


    1. I don’t think anyone’s seen a Pulzar yet! Given that the weapon has two barrels, I’d bet we’re looking at a Double Action or Double Trouble weapon. It certainly sounds like a space-age weapon.

      The Symbiobugs look great. I really hope that thing on their back is a saddle for Sakiels.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Man… you are awesome
    I did just find out about this blog from Data Sphere and as a new Tohaa player i need to say… thank you
    All you are writing here is amazing stuff.

    Keep up the good work!


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