“Lonely Artichoke”?


What’s all this business about artichokes?  What are these aliens?  Why does one of them have orange pokeys on his head?  How do you Tohaa?

I’m glad you asked, new person who isn’t familiar with Infinity the Game.  Here’s the quick answers:

The aliens are called Tohaa, and they are one of several races of humanoid (surprise!) aliens from Infinity the Game.  Maybe if aliens weren’t humanoid, aliens would be too weird.  But if they weren’t weird aliens, they’d just be weird humans.


That sounds perfectly reasonable, you might say.  And a bit trite, you might say, too, but hey—the Tohaa are selling well, and that’s good for the company.  And I like the Tohaa, anyway.

But what’s this business about artichokes?

Well you see, the weirdness that makes the Tohaa alien aliens instead of human aliens is the finny white artichoke, which is affixed to their head.


This head artichoke actually is very functional, as it’s their primary source of pheromonal release.  They never need to comb their head leaves, because they’re fit and tight.  The head artichoke is actually also how they talk, but more on that here.

Finally, what’s with the orange pokey-headed guy?  If you look at the picture above, there’s a rather orangey guy named “Sakiel Regiment“.  The cartoon guy is one of those.  I’m not sure what his orange pokey mohawk does, to be honest, but the Sakiel is one of the better pieces in the game—well, in the way that Rooks are better than Pawns in Chess.

As for the “lonely” bit in Lonely Artichoke, that should be self-explanatory. ^.^

I hope this helps to answer those questions, and though the rest of the jokes on the comics may go over your head, thank you for visiting!


3 thoughts on ““Lonely Artichoke”?

  1. Hey, I wanted to make sure you were doing okay. I check on your blog daily and have been for a while. Really love your work especially Triad and True. This blog is why I started playing Tohaa so I wanted to thank you for that. Hopefully everything is going okay.


    1. Hi Stepfan! Without getting too much into why I’ve been gone—I’m back. I’d lost over a half dozen pages of linework comics last month and I was super bummed and demotivated to redraw them. And, of course, life always happens in every other way that it can.

      That’s crazy awesome this blog got you into Tohaa! There’s a lot to love in the faction. I won’t make promises I can’t keep, but Triad & True will return… very soon…


  2. Hey, I’m in the same position as Stepfan. Started reading your blog and it made me get so much more into Tohaa. I had been looking at going into Nomads too, but the Tohaa are definitely unique. Not to mention I love artichokes, favorite vegetable for sure.
    Anyway, keep up the great blog. The reviews are great and I love how it’s all broken down.


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