A Candid


I guess I’ve always liked candor, and aside from the formal explanation for the Tohaa fanfic language I am developing—I haven’t really introduced myself or why I started the rest of the things here that a lot of you seem to enjoy—why there are the webcomics, the reviews, the webcomic reviews…

I have always loved to entertain people.  As a boy I made (terrible) board games from cardboard and paper and fish marbles.  I made big battle games out of Army Men and Micro Machines.  I made D&D adventure games to play all my brothers’ collections of LEGO blocks, GI Joes, and Star Wars action figures—even though I wasn’t allowed to play D&D because my oldschool parents thought it was demonic. 0.o

I made comics and stop-motion films that my brother and I tried to hock off to our friends.  I had grandiose plans to make videogames though I never learned to code properly.  I love ukulele, piano, and singing; I tend to not write Facebook posts that aren’t poetry, and I’ve been drawing and painting (and recently, painting miniatures) for pretty much my whole life.  But a weird idle vanity grew in me where I took pride in my talents, but seldom made them public:

Somewhere along the way I learned that I would be disappointed in doing what I love.

Looking at going back to school to turn my crappy Associate’s degree into a usable one, and thinking about how every job I’ve worked, I’ve hated… something snapped.

With this hobby, wouldn’t you know.  One of the reasons I adore Infinity is that it’s not a hobby you can play passively.  Making minis, dolling them with paint, driving to see friends, drinking myself jolly at Mox.  But the blog represents more to me than just appreciation of a good game:

I started the webcomics, primarily, for four reasons:  One, I tend to be, as many artists, terribly lazy—and I’ve never really published regularly scheduled pieces.  I wanted to find (with Triad ‘n’ True) an art style that I could execute weekly.

Two, I’d been pretty active on Infinity’s official forums—while not many, I do have a few complaints about the rules of Infinity, but the forum is not a proper place to posit those.  Chiding the game, and myself, through the mouths in a comic was a better way.

Three, people had to like it.  If I can’t make a comic people enjoy, then the rest doesn’t matter.

Four is the real talk:  I’d like to, in the future, publish serious (that is, not quite so cheeky) web work for anyone, not just Infinity fans, to enjoy.  In short I would love to see the Tohaa webcomic be a springboard for my own work, not stepping on toes of another company’s intellectual property.

A car accident last Sunday, and our family dog’s death on Friday, has left me pretty raw. I feel that I have been rediscovering what I am as a person—and, this internet bloggery feels fitted right.

I feel a mixture of Gonzo’s instrospectio, and Kermit & Fozzy’s impetuous hope…

Honestly, just the number of views this little blog is getting these days is massively encouraging.  It’s heartwarming, frankly.  So I just wanted to say “hello” properly, and I’d love to hear same from you.




8 thoughts on “A Candid

  1. I was really excited that you had started a blog to regularly read! I tend to hang out on the infinity forums as well and enjoy your thoughts on Tohaa units there. The webcomic is great so far!


  2. Thank you, guys! Again I’m hugely happy that folks have enjoyed this very niche material.

    @BenLehman, I really admire your work. I’d like to get a group together over here to try out one of your RPGs.


    1. Wow! It is rare to have overlap between Infinity and my RPGs. ^_^ Good luck getting a group together. I know that there’s a couple of groups in Seattle that play a lot of Polaris, but not much more than that.

      Also, hopefully we’ll run into each other sometime.


  3. Your blog is great mate. By the way, I currently live in Sydney but I’m originally from Seattle. I’ll be moving back and will become a regular at Mox! Looking forward to meeting ya!


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