Je Ireumeun Ati Chokeu Imnida

Home, Triad 'N' True

An awesome fellow named Gookie from Infinity’s official forum asked me if he could translate my Tohaa webcomic into Korean for his friends—of course I had to say yes!

Korean Translation of Triad & True by Gookie

I was so excited.  And there it is!  That’s literally one of the coolest things I could hope to see with this little webcomic.  I remember being a little boy and reading about how Garfield was translated into hundreds of other languages.  I thought that was the coolest thing that could happen to an artist.

Two comics in and we’re already there?  Praise be Almighty Number 3!  I am immensely honored that anyone around the world likes my comics.  Daebak!

Gookie, you really made my day. 감사합니다


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