It’s Not *Exactly* About Tohaa

Game Theory

The Exrah

The dissolution of the Exrah in Infinity made many players unhappy.  As I do not play the Combined Army, I was not one of them, but I certainly understand the deep displeasure at the dropping of an entire product line.

I guess the Exrah molds were troublesome for Corvus Belli to produce, and overall they did not sell well.  Which, of course, are good reasons for cancelling a product―while Corvus Belli is friendly, they are also a business.

Dropping a product line hurts, though.  I heard a tragedy of one poor new player who picked up the entire Exrah line a week before the cancellation was announced.  And it seems with new units for the Combined Army like the Fraacta, Maakrep, and Rodok, the voids left by the exfilled Exrah are now filled.  But―I had what might be a great idea for the Exrah while reading on the tease of the new mercenary character, Le Muet

To preface, the entire Human Sphere get Mercenaries. While vanilla human factions can’t feature them for ITS and Paradiso, the option is there for play, and many sectorial factions featuring them widely.  But we alien factions get no mercenary options―and there are probably more alien factions on the way!

So:  since thousands of models still exist, some Exrah have survived in the story, and the Exrah were just militaristic capitalists―why not make Exrah mercenaries for the aliens?

Such could be a very simple patch to support players who still would like to use the Exrah in this new edition, without recreating an entire product line, and without unbalancing the new Combined Army.  And, of course, it would be fun to occasionally merc some bug warriors for Tohaa.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not *Exactly* About Tohaa

  1. Didn’t play them but was real sad to see the Exrah go (maybe would’ve eventually as I wanted to play Shasvastii with them and the tentacle drones as part of my vanilla dip). They were an great non-humanoid concept that had great model potential if they had just been resculpted with better designs using the current aesthetic.
    One issue with CB dropping Exrah had been their repeated assurances that the discontinued Exrah minis would keep profiles just so they weren’t completely obsolete for those who had already purchased them. So it was a bit of a dick move when that turned out not to be the case.


    1. I don’t want to be one to trash talk Corvus Belli, as they seem to be distinctly ethical and hardworking in this industry―but a spade’s a spade. It was a dick move. I’m sure they issued a formal apology, but the action of integrity would be to resurrect a venue where Exrah could still be played, even if they had to be shoved into the periphery of mercs.

      Also, I love Tohaa and their Chaksas and stuff, but I’ll definitely echo that the nonhumanoid appearance was a plus. Most Infinity aliens are just humans with extra headgear, and I think CB is more creative than that. 🙂


      1. CB is. But when asked about non-humanoid aliens during NOVA, Gutier’s reply was “most people just want human bodies with different heads and number of fingers”. So yeah, as a business they try to give want they think most people want. It’s a similar answer that came up with TAG proportions.


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