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After chatting with some friendly stateside strangers on Infinity’s official forums, I’ve had an inkling to tour our beautiful state’s various Friendly Local Game Stores and hopefully meet some of Infinity’s players…


So what’s out there…

There was a game & hobby shop near my hometown, but the few times I went in, the service was terrible—it really felt like their employees hated that customer wanted to buy things.

Needless to say, that shop is no longer in business.

But since this hobby has been so gregarious, I think I’d like to see if I can tour and review every game shop in Washington State this year…  For starters:

My friends down in Redmond introduced me to Mox Boarding House a few months ago, and it’s becoming my home store.  There are several good stores, but man… just click on this link!  It’s so… well, I’ll wait ’til tomorrow to review Mox properly, with proper personal photos.

A few areas I’d like to spectrum-rate, as I’ve recognized that many business operate with different goals, and many things can’t be judged on a numeric grade.  I will give a final 1-5 rating in Artichokes to the stores I visit, but if you read the reviews you’ll probably already know my opinion on everything inside.




MBHPristinePartytime MBHHelpfulHandsoff MBHCompetitiveCasual MBHBusinessyFriendly





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