Igao with the Flow

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After a month of titillated excitement, the Igao was met with overall deflated feedback.  Of course, it’s not a bad set of abilities on the Igao—but it’s the kind of thing we’ve seen before in Infinity.  And this thing comes with Frenzy, which means suicide.

It’s on the average cost for a Camouflage Infiltrator, and does not have an abhominable set of weapons (save maybe that Armor-Piercing sword).  But we Tohaa players have grown accustomed to awesome powerful soloist units, and the Igao is…

Well, she seems functional.  I’ll be getting in some games with her at Mox Boarding House this Friday, and write a proper review then.


As a glorified-in-hype-and-modeling Tohaa ninja, does the Igao succeed?  In short:  kinda sorta.

To her role, she is not bad at Close Combat, she just suffers the same problem every Close Combat troop has with Close Combat―getting into Close Combat.  Camouflage + Infiltration helps, but it is not a guarantee for the Igao any more than it is for the real Ninjas of Infinity.

As a camouflage unit, she is actually more expensive and inferior at being a Camo unit than the Clipsos.  She make use of all the uses of vanilla Camouflage until the Frenzy turns on, so for your points―which can get scarce quickly in Tohaa―the Clipsos is a much better cloak troop.

Regarding her baseline statistics, she is identical to a Makaul, sans armor and a couple CC.  This also isn’t bad, but many CC specialists have 14 Physique to her 13, and more than 21+ Close Combat to her 20 CC, and often some gimmick beside.  Aside from vanilla Camouflage, all her skills and weapons are reproduced on other platforms in Tohaa.

Her point cost is initially the red flag that myself and other players frowned at―especially with her Frenzy, she does seem a few points too many.  Still, she’s serviceable, and in comparison to some other Camouflage troops in other factions, she bears few-to-no useless features and does not suffer such “taxes” that others do.

But with no unique weapon loadouts, in a factional context of excellence, and no Specialist options to make use of within ITS scenarios, what does the Igao really offer?

She is not ineffective at killing foes in Close Combat―she’s merely outclassed by Makauls.  She’s not a bad camo unit―the Clipsos is just better and cheaper.  She doesn’t have poor stats―they’re just like most Tohaa.  She’s not expensive―she just consumes points that could be used for more a dangerous or reliable unit including Sakiels, Clipsos, Chaksa Auxiliars, Makauls, a Kumotail and Servant, and more.

In turns of luck where her enemy Infiltration attempt does succeed, or where the she can clog up TAGs and dangerous Heavy Infantry with her usable Close Combat skills, the Igao is useful.  I don’t think those uses are enough, however, especially considering our extreme mobility and Viral and K1 wreckers.

As myself and others have observed, the Igao’s greatest contribution to Tohaa is merely that she exists.  Our mines now have something else to pretend to be.  But in the end the Igao revolutionizes nothing but the nature of Camouflage for Tohaa, adding an option that our opponents must guess at―but providing little to us or to our opponents that they haven’t seen in Tohaa or in a Close Combat Camo Infiltrator ten times before.


Well―she’s better.  The AP CCW was replaced with a DA CCW, and she managed to pick up I-Khol L1, CC22, and Stun Grenades, all without a hike in price.  I have gone from being butthurt about this lovely model, to now very much loving her.  I shall write a proper review soon!

I rate the Igao 3 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR A Tohaa “camo game” can now be played, with the Igao ready to punish those who wander to close to our camo markers.


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