Clipsos as Remotes

Game Theory

This is a neat trick I’ve picked up in my games of N3 this year.  It’s of course doable with other factions, but given the sheer cheapness of the Clipsos Infiltrator, this is a great tactic you can do if you’ve brought a few Clipsos and have a Command token to spare…

TNTStandalone02jpg While few Tohaa units are actually fast in the way that Remotes are, Clipsos are forward-deployable, which for your use of Orders is just as good.  Try bringing a few Clipsos to your next game:

Any Clipsos with a Combi Rifle can set up Suppressive Fire and be nearly as effective―if not more effective―than the Total Reaction Remotes that many of our foes possess.  While some Tohaa players must hemorrhage Command Tokens to reform triads, a great use of a Command Token is to set up 3 Clipsos in Suppressive Fire in the early game.  The key is to get your Clipsos in cover, and to place them in mid-short firelanes.

In my experience this advantage has been significant, if not tremendous.  Even should my opponent bring more than one Multispectral Visor to counter the Clipsos, the weight of midfield fire is still a terrible set of odds to face.  It certainly seems generally worth the risk revealing a Clipsos to seize control of board.

Because the camouflage penalty still applies after reveal, this provides enormous leverage to Suppressive Fire:  An enemy trooper, without a Multispectral Visor L2 or Marksmanship L2, shooting a Clipsos who is in Suppressive Fire, will be at a -12 modifier to their Ballistic Skill before range comes into play.  Since most troopers won’t have either MSV2 or Marksmanship L2, Clipsos are in a great, great position to set up these odds.

Make sure the firelanes your Clipsos cover do not exceed 24 inches!  You can shoot beyond this, of course, but doing so will break suppressive fire.

Enjoy, and of course be wary of PanO, ALEPH or Combined Army players who may do likewise.


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