On Terrain Layout

Game Theory

It’s said about Infinity players that we spend more time and money on the game’s terrain than the do on the game’s miniatures.  As terrain is crucial for Infinity’s rules to function, I would say so, too.

In early games I played, we used garbage terrain, and it was very light and conducive chiefly to long-range units.  Once my group got into terrain-building like my friend Brian’s jungle board, boards became very dense and sometimes created an opposite problem.

With the Third Edition’s new large base size for TAGs and Combat Rems, and clarified requirement that the entire base must terminate on flat ground, it is important that board builders consider such miniatures.  Small bases fit just about anywhere, but it’s easy to make terrain where big guys get stuck, or have nowhere to go.

There thus should be at least one “highway” that can be traveled from one Deployment Zone to the other, with at least a few options for total cover along the way.  This “highway” will naturally create some firelanes and appropriate landing zones for airborne troops, who need a wide spot to land.

When my friends and I learned that perches in players’ Deployment Zones promoted free reign from snipers and gun bots, it was instinctive to remove perches altogether and to put a “castle wall” in the middle.  I’ve been convinced otherwise.  I think the ideal height peak should slant, where there are suitable perches that can touch a corner, but that cannot cover the entire board.

One way to do this is a corner-weighted board:
Or a bell-curve board:
In either such setup, you may permit any player’s long-range, mid-range, and short-range miniatures to shine. I firmly believe the worst type of board is a symmetrical clutter.  Such a board restricts unit selection down to small troopers, and makes the choice of turn order or deployment obvious and unstrategic.

Happy hobbying!


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