The Stuff’s Fluff


This is the “fluff”, or story, of the language within the fictional setting of Infinity.  Please consider all work in media res, as this stuff is evolving!


The Tongue of the Tohaa.  Haavaars is both praised and scorned for its delicate and flowery affect, and some poets of Acontecimento have taken to learning the Haavaars for use in verse and choral composition.  The romanized spelling “Havarse” also is seen widely.

The Tohaa have a long, proud history of the pheremonal Corahtaa language, if one can call it a language.  Their spoken word was only born out of occasional necessity, and never evolved to the level of nuance and precision that the Corahtaa permits.

Haavaars, born of the extinct Vaarso empire, is a linguistic anomaly.  This Tohaa language proportionally predates the terran Sanskrit language, and fascinatingly has endured to this day.  It is surmised that the Vaarso’s conquests, and Tohaa’s disuse for speaking, led to its widespread stagnation and ultimate preservation to the current day.

Some Tohaa dialects and languages of retired Tohaa nations do still exist in Runohaa for application in art and code.  Among young Tohaa, however, Haavaars is becoming a novelty, as the modern cantina of races forces Tohaa to speak with tongue instead of leaf.  While still wrought with ambiguity and vagary, Haavaars increases in popularity by the year.  The Chaksa, with their Haavaars dialect Chavaareen, are delighted to be able to communicate with so many of Tohaa Trinomial.

Morats, on the other hand, have so utterly found the Tohaa to be a fragile and bleating race that “haavaars” has become an adopted slur meaning, “whiner”.


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