A Fine Scent, I Bid You


Or so I would, if I could speak with the corahtaa.  The corahtaa is a fictional pheremonic “language” of an alien race called the “Tohaa” in Infinity the Game.  While―within the fiction―the corahtaa scent is primarily used to communicate between Tohaa individuals, it is also mentioned that they use a language for outsiders and other purposes, as shown in Infinity the Game’s core book.

As a player of primarily Tohaa, I was quite interested in their story and setting―as a big word nerd, I was also curious about how Tohaa’s verbal language was portrayed.  Unfortunately for this incredibly small subset of human interest, little language was developed for the race.

Thus, on this blog, the Lonely Artichoke seeks to show his take on the Tohaa’s daughter tongue, a fan-fiction language, if you will.  I hope that it might provide you with some entertainment!

I’m keeping a devlog on the language as it evolves, and within a year or so, we (hopefully) should have a very functional language.



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